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DataCamp sponsorship of satRdays events

By Steph Locke on 2019-04-14

TL;DR DataCamp will not be allowed to sponsor or affiliate with satRdays events The satRdays events were setup to be an inclusive R event brand that enables communities around the world an easy framework to develop and celebrate their local R community. Diversity and safety at our events are vital principles that everyone commits to and works hard to achieve. We’ve had a great track record but… One of our past sponsors for some of the local events has been DataCamp.

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Lessons learned at satRdays Amsterdam 2018

By Roel M. Hogervorst on 2019-01-04

In this blogpost we look back at our satRday in Amsterdam 2018. We pull out the lessons we learned and which could help you when you are organizing a satRday. We will definitely use this document for our next satRday. This document is not meant to be a full on evaluation of the entire event, we feel those will never be read. This is a highly skimmable document with the most important pointers for new and returning organizers.

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Putting on Cardiff satRday

By David Parr on 2018-08-10

Beginnings satRday Cardiff started for my most of my friends in January 2018. At the first meeting of the year for the caRdiff R User Group, I suggested to the ‘regulars’ that we should run a satRday in Cardiff within six months. satRday Cardiff started for me in Budapest in September in 2016. Steph had successfully nudged me into not only going to the first ever satRday at nearly the last minute, but giving a talk to boot!

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How-to organize a satRday conference (V0.1)

By Gergely Daróczi on 2016-11-18

This post was originally shared at datascience.la. It has been over 2 months since the first satRday conference ended and I shared some quick impressions on that, where I also promised a follow-up post on my experiences as ending up being the main organizer of the event — this is what you are reading now. Although the idea was born at the EARL Boston conference last year, and I decided to take part in the project while living in Los Angeles — the conference took place in Budapest after all as logistics seemed to be easier there thanks to my closer relationship to the Hungarian R User Group.

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